Infocomm Security (ICS)

Cyber-Physical Security

Research Grants

  1. SecUTS-NRF2014NCR-NCR001-031 “A Cyber-Physical Approach to Securing Urban Transportation Systems” - NRF funded project (2015-2018) [media release]
  2. SecGC-NRF2014EWT-EIRP002-040 “Securing Last-Mile Communication Systems for Smart Grids” - EMA funded project (2015-2018)
  3. SPARK-1224104047 “Security, Privacy and Trust Framework Platform for Large-Scale Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks” - A*STAR funded project (2013-2015)
  4. SecSG-EPD090005RFP(D) “Cyber Security and Secure Intelligent Electronics Devices for EV Ecosystem in Smart Grid” - EMA funded project (2010-2013) [media release]
  5. SEDS-0721330047 “Security Architecture and Techniques for Communications, Control and Management of Energy Distribution Systems” - A*STAR funded project (2008-2011)
  6. SMEPP-033563 “Secure Middleware for Embedded Peer-to-Peer Systems” - EU funded project (2006-2009)