Two-Path Relay Systems Based on DSTTD with Phase Rotation and Link Selection

Joung Jin Gon, Sun Sumei
Patent number: 
182719 [WO 2011/093795] (2013-08-15)
Strategic Thrust: 
In this disclosure, we propose double space-time transmit diversity (DSTTD)-based two-path relay systems. To enhance the system performance, we also propose phase rotation preprocessing and link selection methods at the relay and destination nodes, respectively. Frame structure including training sequence is designed and transmit- and receive-modes of two relays are devised to avoid co-channel-interference (CCI) among the relay nodes. Also, appropriate cell planning strategies are considered to mitigate inter-cell-interference (ICI). From numerical results, we verify that the proposed DSTTD-based two-path relay systems with preprocessing and link selection methods can provide significant performance increase with a moderate quantity of feedback information compared to the conventional point-to-point STBC systems.