Baidu-I²R Research Centre (BIRC) Achieved Significant Progress

Multinational Corporations (MNCs)

Recently launched in July 2012, Baidu-I²R Research Centre (BIRC), a joint laboratory by Baidu and I²R aimed at developing language processing technologies, has surged ahead in its cutting-edge research on human language technology and achieved significant progress to date, driven by a team of world-renowned researchers and engineers.

Already, BIRC has celebrated its first milestone in Southeast Asian Language Technology with a research project in Vietnamese and Thai Language Resources and Processing aimed at extending Baidu's web services to Southeast Asia and strengthening its leading position in Box Computing technology.

And thanks to the BIRC team, mobile phone owners using the Baidu Cloud mobile platform now enjoy secure personalised mobile services, following the enhancement of I²R's state-of-the-art Speaker Verification technology for Baidu's integrated platform for mobile devices.

The mutually beneficial collaboration marks Baidu's first overseas joint laboratory, demonstrating their confidence in I²R's high levels of research quality and the Institute's expertise in speech and language technologies. Taking the partnership one step further, a licensing agreement was inked at BIRC's opening ceremony between A*STAR's Exploit Technologies and Baidu for the official adoption of I²R's Vietnamese and Thai Language technology. Together with the Speaker Verification technology, this further aligns BIRC's R&D directions with Baidu's global strategy and internationalisation efforts.

With an eye on the future, the Centre has charted a research roadmap covering the areas of Southeast Asian Language Resources, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval and Information Extraction, and Speech Information Processing.