This is a collection of technologies that enable the transmission of data and information from one place to another by wired or wireless techniques. Communications draw on the science of modulation and coding theory, radio channel propagation models, antenna design, meta-materials, software defined radio systems and architecture and cognitive radio technologies.

I²R's pool of over 100 PhD level researchers in the Communication arena possess deep expertise in the areas of modulation and coding, joint source channel coding, antenna design, including the use of meta-material inspired concepts, advanced software defined radio and radio architectures and dynamic spectrums sensing algorithms.

Two of our research leaders have been elected to the level of IEEE Fellows in their area of expertise. Several others hold editorial positions in Tier-1 Journals of the IEEE as well. We have also been invited as subject matter experts to national-level projects lead by the Land Transport Authority and the National Environmental Agency in Singapore.

I²R has built deep MIMO and WiFi technologies over the past few years and our IP and system solutions have been licensed to partners in Europe, Japan, China and US. We are now working on massive/hyper MIMO technologies aimed at beyond-4G systems.

In the communications arena, our researchers are addressing the pressing problem of exponential data traffic grown and global warming. We are developing technologies that can increase communication systems capacity a thousand times while trying to reduce power consumption per bit by also a thousand times.