Intelligence is the application of infocomm technologies to make computers understand the world around them. It draws on the science of human language technologies, data mining and analytics, stream processing, cryptography, cyber security and cyber forensics.

With over 100 PhD level researchers in the fields of Analytics, Cyber-security, Human Language and Speech technologies, I²R has the depth and breadth to tackle deep challenges in the Intelligence arena. Our researchers have achieved recognition by their peers in Singapore and around the world. They have been elected to the editorial boards of top tier Journals such as the IEEE and ACM and to Committees of the US National Academy of Sciences and Committees formed by Singapore government agencies such as the Ministry of National Development and Ministry of Law.

One grand challenge our researchers is undertaking in the Intelligence arena is the building of a data processing platform (A*DAX) to aggregate content from a very wide variety of sources- structured and unstructured, authoritative and from the public Internet, from public works sensors and from crowd-sourced citizen volunteers. This data will be processed through a collection of Analytics and Visualization algorithms for sense making to advise senior stakeholders who have the unenviable task of running a city.