This is the application of advanced signal processing technologies that revolutionize the way multimedia is captured, processed, managed, searched and distributed across heterogeneous client devices and networks. Media draws on the science of advanced audio and video compression technologies, adaptive streaming technologies, semantic understanding and search and DRM.

I²R has a well-deserved reputation for cutting edge research in the field of media. Our researchers have deep expertise in the areas of audio and video coding, web server streaming technologies, adaptive scalable multimedia protocols, image and video scene understanding technologies and even augmented realty to create compelling applications in the area.

Our research leaders have been elected to Fellowship positions in IEEE, the ACM and was conferred the Nokia Professorship in 2009 and 2012. An I²R research leader held the position of General Chair for SIGGRAH Asia 2012 - an event that was held in Singapore in December 2012. Our researchers are challenging themselves to develop a scalable multimedia platform to encode audio-video content in a single scalable file format while delivering a seamless experience to a large variety of devices over any connected networks.