Thematic Graduate Study

Do you want to work with Industry players to analyse their online commerce data to develop interesting products? Or maybe you have ideas to design a cooking unit that could whip up a Le Cordon Bleu worthy meal by touching a button? All these and more could only be accomplished with Data Science. 
Data science is essential for many important and/or upcoming technologies, such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, financial technology, robotics, and autonomous vehicles. It has been widely applied with great effect in banking and insurance, telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing and healthcare, etc.
Apart from being an important growing R&D area, data science is also heavily in-demand by the private sector. According to, a data scientist is “the sexiest job of the 21st century". Many  top companies are hiring Data Scientists, including leading firms in domains such as search engines, social networking , engineering, online commerce, etc. In addition to private companies, data science vendors, governments and the defense industry also see demands for data scientists.
As part of its R&D efforts, A*STAR supports graduate studies at top foreign and local universities for motivated individuals who want to pursue a PhD degree and advance their research capabilities.This thematic graduate study, towards a PhD degree, focuses on Data Science. The goal of data science is to extract novel and actionable knowledge from different forms of data. It is multidisciplinary, involving data analysis fields such as statistics, data mining, databases, text mining, logical reasoning, and machine learning.
Ongoing research topics of data science in I2R include deep learning, Internet of Things, edge analytics, heterogeneous data analytics, mobility analytics, graph mining, efficient cloud computing using GPUs, FPGAs, neuromorphic chips, etc.
Below are the details and terms of A*STAR’s support for PhD studies.
·         Monthly stipend for up to 4 years of PhD studies, or up to date of graduation, whichever is earlier.
·         Payment of full tuition fees for 4 years or up to date of graduation, whichever is earlier.
·         Opportunities for overseas attachment.
Successful candidates will be given support for up to four years of academic pursuit, leading to a PhD degree award. Support is renewable on an annual basis, subject to good progress.
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